& now i'm baq from outer space ~ [saythat! 05]

been away for a minute but i’m back (with the jump off)! it’s been a whirlwind these past few weeks. i’ve been grieving heavily in new & unexpected ways. this month has brought the murders of 3 more Black trans women & the passing of journalist, writing mentor & dear friend Feliks Garcia. all this has been juxtaposed with new writing opportunities & accolades for my work. it has become difficult to enjoy things. difficult to find all light i desire, but i’m reminded that I am alive, thus even able to grieve. this is not a solace but framing how this hurt works. with the unending doom that this administration has been dishing is not meant to weaken us but to keep our bodies fraught with terror as we face our daily obstacles.
resist tension, resist pathologizing your needs, resist rebutting to every wild bit of information, hold yourself.
until next time! enjoy
~ jayy

what’s going on rn?

what have i been listening to?

what have i been reading?

  • Been catching up on Winter Tangerine’s new section Mirrors of Lineage curated by poet & homie Julian Randall.


writing prompts:

  • begin a poem with a line from one of the last texts you sent.

  • re-tell a story of a birthday but set it in another dimension.

  • find a song from a genre you don’t usually listen to but like, write a glose to it.


what have i been up to recently?

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