I've never liked mild this much

or an ode to being less incendiary if I must.

all my most controversial statements are, to my knowledge, in plain sight. My poetic is third-party rigorous. I just try to make Static something to step to. My practice as of late has taken me pretty far out of my head. My body dictates the agenda as of late. I've been sleeping regularly, if not consistently well, as of late. I make it through the day, sometimes with naps, sometimes whole shifts of work & socialization. I've been working in a way I never imagined. Not a single facet. My machination of community. My vast material intimacies. My continued health. I'm grateful for new allowances.

I have all these collage ideas. Some new poems. Taking new footage. Just throwing scraps. I keep the best for my friends & paying spectator. The evolution of a glamor. I'm excited about Arizona light I'm excited about the ambiguity of Southern California in Winter. I'm preparing to teach students of my work. Students of poetry. of Poets I admire. of scholars I seek. I always get a little freaked out on college campuses. There is a surreal atmospheric pressure making everyone determined to breathe out of sync with their surroundings. There is the ubiquity of patrol, a parody of youth, frailty of monied brat. My alma mater was it's own insignificant slice of liberal dispair. Scraped what we need with tusks & trunks. I don't miss being a student in the traditional sense. I learn every day. There are a few things I know formally. Most of them include things I live in regardless. I'm not including biography. My memoir is in hiding. Still at the forefront of my mind: I am what I am supposed to be.

Fonder. My Heart is already in the sky. I'm ready to miss this again. I need to yearn for my home again. Before me is travel, conversation, classroom, bookstore. Multiple cities. When I get back it's my Ball. After that more. Installations, salons, galleries, popups, guests, games show. Inbetween that: looks, sets, promotions, emails, phone calls, counting back from 10s. I've felt more stressed by less (& more with less gratification). Normally, I prepare to drop out of myself for the sake of "care". These engagements finally feel like a job I truly like. I can manage the labor it costs to share. This balance (though like, my old favorite things, is frail & new) gives way to branching & rooting into my surroundings.

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