baq on my bullshtt - [saythat! 12]


been traveling for a minute (NY + LA), glad to be back home on the internet. been trying to synthesize all i've gathered over our time apart but I'm still trying to find language. i feel continued blessings & covering as i move forward to & through the next stages of my life. i hope this message finds you well. post-eclipse, ready for a new cosmic space.

in addition to this week's saythat!, i'm launching a new micro-podcast in conjunction with the tinyletter. just trying out new media, so let me know how you like it! also got a new-ish poem in here.

all in all please enjoy, i hope to have more for you next time.

-- jayy

what’s going on:

  1. Kiwi Herring is the 18th Trans person killed this year. She was executed in her home after extended harassment from her neighbors. She was a mother of three. I wish I had more words.

  2. White Supremacists (aka #YesAllWhites) have been showing their pale-asses around the long overdue Confederate Memorials Backlash. Learn why there this is not remotely about history but a tool of Black psychological torture.

what i’ve been listening to:

  1. If you don’t know, i’m a BBYMUTHA stan & she released a video for her bop “RULES”. Check it out on her website now!

  2. Ignoring most of the controversy (that unsurprisingly quelled as quickly as it started) Tyler, The Creator’s Flower Boy is truly a triumph.

what i’ve been watching:

  1. This wonderful interview with Esperanza Spaulding from Desus & Mero

  2. Still mourning the passing of Nelsan Ellis by rewatching True Blood, here’s some best of Lafayette clips.

what i’ve been doing? - dropping poem sketches on twitter

read "gesture_bxtch.png" & more here:

i'm launching a new micro-podcast

saythat! transmissions

writing prompts:

  1. write a 6 stanza poem each stanza 3 lines each, with 9 syllables in each line.

  2. you are sitting alone at a table with a rose, a vial of sugar, & a receipt, write why.

  3. you are the moon, what have you eclipsed recently?

  4. write an ekphrasis (a poem responding to art) to one of your old profile pictures.

  5. make a list of promises you wished were kept.

gif of the week: ​

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