nothing I want doesn't risk overextension.

the patio of my favorite bar is empty.

hot sauce with a baby in hand

a house beat with a crystal stair,

public questions about ordination

it's already getting darker faster

my favorite part of the cow is the tongue,

I'm somebody's demon emoji now.

I got a new tattoo & wrote a poem about the ubiquity of squirrels.

whatever we call balance seems grossly inaccurate.

if anything I consistently overestimate my capacity.

how a crow survives murder


6 months sober, still need help....

still on hiatus | need help in the meantime


some buoyant frequencies [saythat! 14]

zoned out / drop in - [saythat! 13]

baq on my bullshtt - [saythat! 12]

hanging onto fires in the nighttime - [saythat! 11]

summa fun(d) in the sun! ~ [saythat! 10]

my bawdy iz fl0ating n space ~ [saythat! 09]


proto-prose & post poetry of a black mouth with lipstick