zoned out / drop in - [saythat! 13]

hey hi hello salaam etc:

i'm moved west & getting by & recalibrating & still looking forward. i am happy to be returning to this space & hope to get my mini-podcast back & up soon. i mean i think it's clear things are hard right now. while semi-vague & not directional, it feels like violence & doubt & waste is moving around us in that way. even with the wealth of studies around outrage culture, we who have to navigate our lives both public & private are being challenged to maintain. thank the ancestors for guidance & community & art & power. thank you all for seeing me & my work as valuable. i feel graciously audacious despite temporal manias. we are gone do something -- i could say make it but idk who that looks completely possible for? ANYWAY, i got some kinder words for ya later on.

from this world but not of it,

what’s going on:

  1. Harvey Weinstein, a normal white man, was recently confirmed as typical dude with money, or being a complete & under fucking SLEAZEROCKET to countless women. Reigniting the conversation about r*pe culture prevalent in every facet of our society.

  2. The Gulf, The Caribbean & Puerto Rico have been devastated in recent months. It has been hard to formulate words. You can find ways to donate, here, here, & here.

what i’ve been listening to:

  1. Kamasi Hill’s new EP Harmony of Difference

  2. Bodak Yellow, simply one of this centuries greatest songs & Cardi B is wild important.

  3. Deliver by Fifth Harmony cause since they dropped baby girl they are my new fav contemporary girl group.

  4. Moses Sumney’s latest Aromanticism. i’ve been a fan of this squirrel for ever so this is just heaven.

  5. CAUZNDEFX is just the future of music & now a personal friend.

what i’ve been reading:

  1. Lineage of Mirrors, via Winter Tangerine. Curated by Julian David Randall, it’s really a great series (looking for submissions from POC writers N O W ! ! )

  2. This new Foucault book, I picked up in Idaho (of which we will not speak).

what i’ve been doing: two poems from The Black Condition ft. Narcissus dropped on BIGLUCKS.


read the both in full via BigLucks.


also got a brief interview for Bettering American Poetry! read here!

writing prompts!

(brought to you by The Archaeology of Knowledge by Foucault)

  1. write a 21 line poem using the words: discontinuity, rupture, threshold, limit, series & transformation.

  2. write a pantoum with one side representing points of incompatibility & the other points of equivalence.

  3. begin a poem: One last possibility remains: at first sight, the most likely of all.

  4. title a poem: Field of Stabilization

  5. make a curious use for freedom.

    also be sure to not stress about exact definitions, just respond to these words, make them yours.







also super lol that i have my 13th TinyLetter on Friday the 13th.