wut it is tho? ~ [saythat! 06]


i feel like i fell off, on trying to remain current. i fell off keeping tabs on the daily assaults brought on my this Administration. i fell off of trying to keep up with the latest commentary on the latest album drop. that isn’t to say i’ve been living under a rock or unaware. i am trying to take-in what i want, hold what i need, & put out whatever requires the least of me. this is not easy or clear or even comforting.
i’m writing again. working on new things. getting my life up? but my sisters are still being murdered. my sisters are still going missing. my brothers are still killing all of us & themselves. my kin can’t be alive in public. my people are going to be counted as people in 2020. but i’m alive. you are too. currently.
presently, until next time.
— jayy

what’s going on:

  1. America is Failing Black Girls, still. Read the brilliant Morgan Jerkins, while she educate you!

  2. White Liberals are using “free speech” to argue for enjoying Black death again.

what i’ve been listening to:

  1. Tennessee rapper, BBY MUTHA, dropped a new banger on Molly House Records, peep “Dark N Lovely” rn.

  2. LA Jazz artist Kamasi Washington’s album The Epic has been on repeat.

what i’ve been reading:

  1. West-Coast artist & blkfemmeboi KiKi Nicole dropped some new fire in RoseWater magazine.

  2. Watch poet & educator Venus Selenite read at Wellesley earlier this month!

what i’ve been up to:

  1. I’m eatured on Civil Coping Mechanism’s 13 LGBTQ poets to watch!

  2. I’m an editor for Bettering American Poetry 2016!

  3. I got into Lambda Literary’s Writers Retreat! (pls donate!)

  4. LASTLY, got a new piece up in Broadly on VICE about RuPaul’s Drag Race in the epidemic against TWOC.


    support your local trans-femme artist

writing prompts:

  1. imagine a feel you wanted to rid yourself of, set it on fire, how does it burn?

  2. pick a season, write a three-stanza poem about the first, best, & last day of it.

  3. write a poem about something that happened on your birthday before you were born.

  4. finish this // if all i’ve ever known is behind the door:

  5. choose a prefix or a suffix, write a poem using as many words with that pre/suf-fix.


We are looking for poetry / prose poems about the body— it’s truths, it’s failings, it’s landscapes. The collection is to serve a concentration on gender the physical & performative; to upend & interrogate it’s intimacy or lack thereof. Send your body poems!

Deadline is 4/30/2017 // email: blues@platypuspress.co.uk

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