when tongues & failures manifest [saythat! 04]


one of my favorite living poets manuel arturo abreu opens their latest collection, “Trans is a failure of language. Poetry is a failure of the body”.

this week has been a consideration of failures, some foreseen: the failures of government & cis people to see Trans/GenderNonConforming people as human; some unseen the waves of personal depression & inability to process joy. but today, today, i am here, you are here. you reading this & i’m grateful. also today, MY DEBUT FULL LENGTH COLLECTION OF POEMS IS BEING PUBLISHED. i feel like i have to write it so intense to continually convince myself of it’s greatness. or that i’m worth it or somewhere in-between. anyway, i’ve collected some background sources & influences to my work. if you haven’t ordered Mannish Tongues get on it, pls! (also I have an announcement @ the middle)

thank you for being here with me, in this time.

-- jayy

who did you read while writing #MannishTongues?

what did you visual art spoke to you?

what were you listening to?

  • LA horrorcore rapper Tyler, The Creator’s third album Cherry Bomb

  • Genderqueer songbird Shamir’s debut Rachet got me so tender.

  • also from LA / Odd Future, Earl Sweatshirt’s Grief was heavy.

  • Kwabs is my UK bae. his Wrong or Right EP was LIT.

  • this random dope Black girl has this track with this electo-euro dudes but it bops: listen to “Terrible Love” ft. Denai Moore

where can i hear more about #MannishTongues?


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