u mind if i [say that!] ?

welcome to [ s a y t h a t ! ]

here, i'll be collecting the things getting me through this wild time we call our present,
including but not limited to:

  • commentary

  • flash poetry

  • thing to peep on the web

  • personal updates

  • positive vibes.

while in some-ways similar to my previous newsletter attempts, the ease & simplicity of this form should prove more sustainable. i appreciate you continuing on supporting my work!

the heart of why i am beginning this work is part of larger, more intentional, practice of documenting survival in this time. while many have aggregated lists of the various atrocities our current Administration has enacted, there is resistance in codifying the ways we navigate such horror. we need joy as much as we need anger right now. we need hope as much as we need unrest.

anyway, this should be a (bi)weekly jump off, probably for Friday afternoons, but that may change. thank you, again for supporting me & please enjoy!

-jayy dodd

[say that!]

what's going on rn?

what have i been listening to?

what have i been watching?


writing prompts:

  1. choose a word that is both an adjective & a noun // write a two poems meditating on both definitions // combine them

  2. write a lie you tell yourself or one you wish you could tell or what you stopped telling.

  3. answer the questions: will the flowers grow with blood?


what have i been doing recently?


gif of the week:

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