taking my time doesn't mean wasting the day

or the neighborhood cutie returned from the summer with a newborn

it's only been 5 days since I started taking hormones. I thought I might have been going into a depressive episode the morning I started my dose. I'll have to wait even longer to see what the hormones will do to my mind. all the women in my blood are affected by the atmosphere but I inherited that before this process so I hope to still enjoy the rain as much as I did as a child. On the weather, it has been getting colder. I turn over roughly once each night. Going to sleep grateful has become increasingly easier.

I overestimate my rate of production, so I forget how much I actually do until someone tells me. Busy is something I detest & I am never not in between project & moment & event. help me pay for Lyfts. I told myself I was going away but I'm visiting classrooms all over the city & parts of the desert soon.

if I may rant for a minute:

that's the difference between me & the bulk of you -- intellectual/wacktivist types. y'all want your basic theoretical knowledge to bolster your cultivated personality. I'm the art you all teach. I'm beyond the muse. I'm the site of the practical. Some of y'all should spend more time reading me instead of creating glorified listicles on empty definitions of "intersectionality".

in the short while I've been away I've gotten more indignant. did I mention I gained 6lbs! I eat more regularly. Still a chore. but I do feel better.

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