summa fun(d) in the sun! ~ [saythat! 10]

habari gani,

this time last year i was on the brink of a big move, at the edge of my mental health & in the denouement of an excellent first tour. then, i was still trying my hand at love. then, i was quietly disintegrating whatever intimacies i had left in Boston. then, i still simply hoping to see 25.

presently, i’ve been struggling recently to makes sense of what i’ve accomplished in the last year. while professionally & creatively i am undoubtedly executing my artistic goals, many personal goals still seem out of reach. though i’ve begun living visibly trans & working to a kind of peace with my anxiety / depression, i still feel fundamentally distant from daily connections. i am blessed to have such a strong digital community & i see how i am able to connect to people, why is it so stressful in person?

however you connect, be sure to remind those you care for (including yourself) that they (you) are important & worthy. i think that self-worth is one of the hardest things to understand or quantify. it’s like we have to convince our minds that we belong to ourselves. yet, if we base our worth exclusively on external validation will be caught in flux.



what’s going on:

  1. Donald Trump is under investigation, but they kill Black men in bed with their sleeping wife & child. But instead watch this HILAROUS super cut of Alex Jones being weird as hell & be grateful you aren’t a straight white man, unless you are, then — collect your cousin, fam.

  2. The Ken Doll got an update & they look like season two of Finding Prince Charming (basically the gay bachelor, it's terrible messy & you should watch it). ​

  3. If you haven't been following the tragedy at Grenfell Tower in UK, please please stay informed.

what i’ve been listening to:

  1. Still SZA, now chopped & screwed tho!

  2. I’m more excited for Grateful (exec. produced by Asahd), than I want to admit, but To The Max is kinda a bop, though Wild Thoughts is basically Rihanna covering Maria Maria.

what i’ve been watching:

  1. RuPaul’s Drag Race (now on VH1) — this show like ANTM is a staple of my identify formation & this season has been an especially confusing one. Tonight’s the finale but you should catch up if you haven’t. The move from Logo to VH1 was weird af.

writing prompts:

  1. finish this: Last night it rained & you stood there…

  2. open a book/magazine near you to a random page // write a found poem

  3. write a love note to the summer

  4. write a poem where every third line rhymes & each stanza begins with the same letter

  5. search a random poem, pull out all the adjectives, nouns, & verbs // write three micro poems using each word type.

traveling to NYC & LA this summer | need your support to get there!


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