still on hiatus | need help in the meantime


if you haven’t already heard, I’m trying to mount a move to Portland by New Years. While I have community connections & growing work opportunities, I need seed money to jump-start my move & offer some overhead as I root into my new life. I’m trying to raise 4k by Jan 1st!

Professionally, I’m pivoting my role as Workshops Director for Winter Tangerine to launch [dovesong labs!] a new digital literary hub with IRL resources. I’ve expanded the online workshops department & am guiding the new co-directors with their teams to streamline the future of the program. In the meantime, I’ll be working or bring our Live Workshops westward along with other new IRL literary events for the Winter Tangerine community at large!

Personally, I’m gyrating toward 6 months of sobriety & a year of living with family (after almost a decade on my own), so I'm itching for new & necessary kind of sociality, with more ability to build & pour into my art.

I’m reaching out to you today as a community member, hoping that you could share my fundraiser across your social channels & if you are able, donate to my efforts. If you are willing to share a personal reason why folks should give, I’d be ecstatic. Any support is appreciated!

I am eternally grateful for the community that has held me thus far & know that investing in me is investing in the spaces & conversations that push culture.

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