solar return-up ~ [saythat! 07]


it’s been a cool minute. first off some big news: my second full length collection of poems The Black Condition ft. Narcissus will be published in 2018 by Siren Songs, an imprint of Civil Coping Mechanisms Press. this has been manifesting since the end of last year & i’m really excited for the new voices & perspectives i explore. also: I turned 25 at the end of last month. (cash is a great belated bday gift)

this year has taught me about audacity. while dangerous as it emboldens the moderate & bigot alike; audacity has been a kind of resilience as i go through my day. while some may tramp around the world entitled, i try to find way to be everyday audacious. i approach my work with a confidence, try to be more open & honest with a close person, risk a flirty tweet. If this country is to crumble it won’t be because I dared to be possible, so in the word of the internet: you mind if i wild out?

& with that -- stick around for a new exclusive poem at the end of today's letter!

~ jayy

what’s going on:

  1. Trump is like for real wilding. you probably have already read too much about it. here are internet uncles Desus & Mero casually roasting 45 & his comrades.

  2. As a personal stan of language, the spectacle that is the White House Press briefing is failing, Vox has some context.

what i’ve been listening to:

  1. UK Electronic artist Actress recently came into my orbit. His sonic spaces are a deconstructed groove with elegant ambient sound.

  2. Long-time fave since her days in Danity Kane, Dawn Richard’s latest full album made it’s way back into my shuffle this week.

what i’ve been watching:

  1. This wild-ass documentary on how the names of colors come to fruition in language.

  2. I hope you already know Reggie Watts (he’s on a late night show now, but that’s just to keep the lights on ya know?)

what i’ve been doing:

dropping singles from The Black Condition ft. Narcissus
  1. narcissus (goes to the market)

  2. narcissus #17

  3. i am interested in the Black condition

writing prompts:

  1. write a self-portrait

  2. choose three ages at least 2-5 years apart // write a 3 stanza poem about a secret from each age

  3. Imagine Kafka’s The Metamorphosis, but you wake up octopus.

  4. Write the question to the answer Yes, here is where that belongs.

  5. write a form poem using a reclaimed slur. (if you a white straight dude just write a sonnet about how to support TWOC).


"granny killed a snake on the way to church, ending in how i became a woman:"

happy birthday grace jones

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