language is a losing game [saythat! 03]


i have a problem. there are guilty pleasures but then there are sadisms. it’s not that i disbelieve reports of consistently lying & “falsehoods” but i deeply enjoy watching White House representatives completely humiliate the English language. the tactics of double speak, evasion, & lying are unrelenting. the case for the end of language is a post-modern fantasy. this is an assault, but more clearly, an indictment on how media & politics have mangled discourse & history. the ways language can be dispatched & mutilated. sometimes that destruction is necessary & presently it’s an attack on the sensibilities of the protected. long story short, watching white people run themselves mad of being faced with the dissonance of Amerikkka’s failed experiment in democracy is fun.

there are more beautiful things in the world. i hope you all are finding them, i’ve collected some more below. i just truly had to get that off of my chest.


what’s going on rn?

what have i been listening to?

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writing prompts:

  1. choose a song you liked during adolescence, choose a lyric spit it, write all that happens in between.

  2. name a color (not ROYGBV) / name a sensation / name a night time activity // title a poem The [Color]-[Sensation] [Activity]’s Again / e.g. The Lavender-Shivers Go The Club Again

  3. finish this: the last thing to retrieve was _______


what have i been up to recently?

— as you know i’ve been a contributing editor for Wildness’ new daily section #TheWilds, this week i did a write up on Nixon Era artists, The Last Poets.
— Mannish Tongues drops at the end of this month, you can order it now! I released a poem that didn’t make the cut this week on my blog.


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