ain't no one way to get by | [saythat! 02]


i remember sometime last week when i was calling senators, sending scripts & numbers to friends in other states, aka truly trying to engage the “democracy” we are sold daily; i remember feeling useless. while the now psychological & legislative terror from the Trump administration hangs over our head, the abandonment of any semblance of order spells disheartening headlines & real-life fears.

i question the need for “one” solution or the “right” solution to facing the cultural conflicts we are navigating as a nation. as many across marginalized group has noted in some form: we have long known Trump’s kind has been among us. Still, this isn’t salve for the impending violence the white supremacists in the Oval will enact, here & abroad.

however you are getting by, hold onto & refine those means of survival. if you are in place to make getting by easier for someone else, please do so.

-- jayy

what’s going on rn?

what have i been listening to?
  • Angel-voiced Black genus, Sampha, released his debut album, Process, this week & it’s really been getting me through.

what have i been reading?


writing prompts:

  • tell the story of your last good day through the eyes of an inanimate object you own.

  • write an “I” statement, use that line 5 different ways in one poem

  • ​deconstruct a time you felt helpless


what have i been up to recently?

  • since everyone was using the word “Orwellian” in reference to these fascist times we are in, i decided to review his 1947 essay “Politics & the English Language”, here’s an erasure for your trouble.

  • you might have missed this, but i had a two part interview of Black millennial survival you should definitely check out via The Tusk.

  • currently serving as contributing editor for Platypus Press’ #TheWilds, a new daily section. you gotta check out, also you should still definitely pick up Mannish Tongues while you’re there!


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