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the prophet Aretha Franklin on Pride says: "Now it ain't easy but I don't need no help, I’ve got a strong will to survive I’ve got a deeper love: pride (is on my side)". if there is anything to look forward to it is the audacity of Pride in an era of political turmoil. to return to it’s roots as a protest, a resistance, we must not forget how political pride is & must remain. i fear for the militarization of LGBTQ spaces, i fear the anti-black & racist violence that will bubble when queers gather, i fear the trans/gnc erasure & discrimination that will take place at bars & clubs. still, pride is a deeper love, a radical love— when weaponized correctly serves as a beacon for our community to be audacious, be unapologetic, & most of all, possible.

as this year continues to barrel forward, it’s a dope time to reflect on milestones, setbacks, goals you may have put into place earlier this year. what new machinations have your found yourself enacting? how are you taking or not taking care of yourself? how can you love yourself kinder? focus your energies on what’s working & renegotiate what is not. hold the deeper parts of yourself as closely as you need.

also please please please remember the Pulse Nightclub Shooting & love your kinfolks extra tight this season.




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what’s going on:

  1. Literally over it. Fuck Covfefe. Fuck The Whole Trump Klan. Fuck This Administration. Fuck the Democrats. Fuck the Republicans. Fuck Kathy Griffin. Fuck the White Middle Class Affluent Base not mad about anything. Fuck the White Domestic Terrorists Attacking EVERYBODY. Fuck Mainstream Media. Fuck “Both Sides of the Debate”. Fuck Amerikkka. Fuck Shock. Fuck Horror. Fuck 2018. Fuck 2020. Fuck Y’all Who Aren’t Worried About Losing A Damn Thing.

  2. Watch whatever news you want I don’t even wanna talk about this anymore.

what i’ve been listening to:

  1. Y’all! Auntie Mary J. Blige released an album & it is TOO LIT. Missy on it, Kanye too, even Quavo snuck away AGAIN from Migos to drop a feature. Side-note: I finally feel grown enough to love Mary J. Blige.

what i’ve been watching:

  1. House of Cards Season 5 because something about Frank Underwood being a Democrat being so villainous is like more enjoyable because the entire Amerikkkan political system is a farce orchestrated by fear. (see: what’s going on for more feelings on this).

  2. For any Rupaul’s Drag Race fans (or fellow hate-watchers): I’ve been watch this youtube series “Look at Huh” where former queen just dish on their SISTERS. it’s mindless & funny & there are too many episodes for you get bored.

what i’ve been doing (got some new stuff coming out soon but until then): from The Black Condition ft. Narcissus

  1. narcissus (goes to the market)

  2. narcissus #17

  3. i am interested in the Black condition

writing prompts:

  1. write 5 stanza poem using (glow, crackle, admonish, levitate, seeth) in each stanza.

  2. finish this poem: “this time, last spring, i was a different kind of…”

  3. title a poem misquote an idiom (e.g. it’s snowing snails & crabs) then write it.

  4. undo your perfect day beginning with how you went to bed.

  5. write 3 stanza - a two truths & a lie - poem

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