6 months sober, still need help....

this week marked the alignment of two disparate but now eternally linked dates in my life. November 20th serves as the 6th-month point of my first year of sobriety & in Amerikkka is our "Trans Day of Remembrance /Resilience" or #TDOR.

i didn't plan it & it's coincidence provided exponentially more dissatisfaction than forseen. it's the day of performative guilt from folks who can genuinely support so many other political causes & personal politics with fervor but reserve their most forlorn eulogies for us. there are the lights of Black, Indigenous Queers & Trans folks /of Color creating art at this time.

but your Trans & GNC friends are always posting those statuses, always morning our kin, always asking for support in a world actively sanctioning our death. it's a lot. we have things to do. & money is always better than guilt & will keep us alive, delay any & all unusefully grief.

not to be so sobering....lol. but I'm really blessed by the network of people who have consistently put their money where they say their hearts are. i am blessed for a family who allows my process & practice to flourish. still i am in need & finding better ways to ask for it. i am doing the personal work to face this world head on & i need you help to fortify my work.

i'm just under halfway to my goal for my INVEST IN JAYY fundraiser & i am working on securing my housing in the next 10 days. your support is not only appreciated but urgent at this time as I am jumpstarting the next stage of my life.

today i'm asking you to challenge your community to care like you do. please share my fundraiser with a challenge to your community to show up! show up for a Black artist. show up for a Trans artist. show up for a femme artist. tell them why my work inspires you, especially if you can't give your words & actions are what motivates & secures my efforts.

again, i'm so grateful for all the support i've gotten thus far & i hope you can help me reach my goal today! read more: here